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Woman Ignores Her Self-Defense Superpower – Gets Slashed!


Nature has bestowed all humans with a primal yet powerful self-defense ability, but relatively few understand how to use it properly because it is so subtle that it can be easily overlooked. It may feel like a  gentle voice in your head whispering to you or it may seem like a tiny alarm ringing inside of you. It could also just be a weird indescribable feeling.  If you are in a dangerous situation it lets you know that something is wrong! I am talking about your intuition!  To explain how it  works I have to give you a quick Psychology 101 refresher.

The way you think and feel is controlled by the two operational modes of the brain. The first
is conscious and the other is subconscious. A person is completely aware of their conscious
thoughts which direct one’s daily activities. Your decision to visit this site is an example of conscious thought.  Conversely, subconscious thought is without awareness. Your brain can absorb information without you knowing about it and in ways that you might not understand. Your intuition serves to transfer subconscious information to to you conscious mind so that you can act upon it. So what would be a good example of how intuition and the subconscious mind work. Well, lets watch the video to find out.

The victim’s subconscious mind picked up information about the attacker before he struck. She was intuitively aware of the danger he posed and thereby became consciously aware of the man’s body language that was a precursor to the attack. At 1:11 in the video she describes how the attacker’s cadence slowed as if he was waiting for her and then changed to a rapid pace leading to the attack. Her intuition did its job but her conscious mind made a grave mistake.

If is a shame that she just didn’t turn around walk the in the opposite direction when she had
the chance. She is fortunate that the man was just a psychotic slasher and not intent on committing murder!  So what  lessons are there be learned?

Lesson 1 – Obviously,  follow your intuition! It is like a guardian angel that will keep you out harm’s way. The unsettling “gut” feeling that you get from a person or situation is your intuition knocking on your door. Learn to open up and listen the inner “voice” inside you and take action! I realize my explanation of intuition is rather general. To go more in depth is beyond the scope of the article but if you dismiss intuition as a bunch of mumbo jumbo, you do so at your peril.

Lesson 2 – Avoid potentially dangerous people. When she was behind the man and observing him slowing his pace as if he was waiting for her, she should have taken that opportunity to walk the other way. Increasing the distance between you and a potential threat greatly reduces the odds of you being attacked and gives you time to react effectively if you are attacked.

Lesson 3 – Maintain visual awareness of  potential threats. The victim held her head down  as she tried to scoot past the man just before he attacked. This made her completely vulnerable as the man struck like a viper.  Predators prefer to attack with the element of surprise in their favor. It is possible to thwart an attack just by removing this element by letting a predator know that he’s been seen.  This can be accomplished with a quick glance of no more than 2 seconds and through peripheral vision but don’t stare because that can be provocative .  Visual awareness would have given the woman a chance to react to the attack by moving evasively, putting her arms up in defense or even screaming screaming. Anything she could have done to make herself a difficult target could have thwarted the attack or at least lessened the severity.

Lesson 4 – Avoid high risk areas.  In the video we see the victim walking alone  down an apparently deserted street and under a construction awning at 11:59 PM as the video timestamp shows. These conditions shout DANGER DANGER DANGER!  If traveling at very late hours is necessary, it is safer to do so in a group or a least with a companion and  in a open area where it would be difficult for miscreants to hide. If traveling alone in a high risk area cannot be avoided then maintaining high level of awareness is imperative and having some type of self-defense weapon would be a good idea too.

Lesson 5 – Effective use of self-defense weapons requires preparedness.  If the woman had been armed with any kind of weapon, it would not have mattered because she was caught completely off guard. To maximize the effectiveness of  a weapon, it must readied or deployed before the attack!  Fumbling to retrieve a  weapon during an attack is highly risky especially if you don’t have close combat skills.  That risk can be avoided with proper preparation. If the woman had a weapon it should have been on DEFCON 2 while she was behind him. Ideally, she would have followed her intuition and made the proper decision to walk in the opposite direction. If the man started to follow her, she would have been justified in stepping  up to  DEFCON 1 to protect herself.

You may be wondering which  weapon featured on this site would be the best in this kind of situation.  My recommendation would be Pepper Spray because of its ease of use and effectiveness. It can or deter or  debilitate and attacker from a distance and allow the defender to escape without hand to had combat.

It is a shame the the woman had experience such savagery. I hope these lessons will empower others avoid a similar fate.

To Your Defense,


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