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Rape Self-Defense

Woman Defeats Rapist In Amazing Act Of Self-Defense

The shocking video segment below shows an encounter between a woman and a disgusting predatory biped. The woman  successfully defended herself from a rape attempt. The harrowing incident occurred on sidewalk in Brooklyn New York.  I’ll analyze the actions of both the attacker and the victim to reinforce principles discussed in my previous blog articles. […]

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Self-Defense with Situational Awareness

Easily Defend Yourself Without Self-Defense?

Most people associate the term, self-defense, with superhuman martial art maneuvers depicted in popular Hollywood movies or demonstrated by martial art “masters”. In actuality close combat skills comprise a small portion of the skill set that is required for successful self-defense. I know this seems counter intuitive, but allow me to explain. According to my

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Pepperball Gun

Pepperball Gun for Self-Defense?

Is a pepperball gun effective for self-defense just a toy in comparison a  firearm?  There are many self-defense practitioners who consider skill in the use of firearms to be the ultimate martial art in 2021. Indeed, the power of firearms to stop single or multiple attackers at a distance is unmatched by any other hand-held

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4 Channel Surveillance System

Warehouse Surveillance System Demonstration

Here is a quick demonstration of the 4 Channel Surveillance system that is used in our Jacksonville Florida warehouse. Our system is similar to the one pictured above. Video surveillance systems are crucial for documenting criminal activity.  Unlike humans,  cameras don’t forget or misinterpret what they see.  So surveillance camera recordings serve as powerful evidence

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Woman Ignores Her Self-Defense Superpower – Gets Slashed!

Nature has bestowed all humans with a primal yet powerful self-defense ability, but relatively few understand how to use it properly because it is so subtle that it can be easily overlooked. It may feel like a  gentle voice in your head whispering to you or it may seem like a tiny alarm ringing inside

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N.Y.C. Slashing “Attack” Was Self-Defense?

Whoa! Slashing attacks in N.Y.C. seem to be spreading faster than , *ahem*, “Covid-19”! This particular incident occurred 2 years ago. However, I  decided to discuss it because it has an interesting twist! The accused attacker, Shakema Young, may have been a self-defender who’s poor tactical judgement resulted in a deluge of legal problems. Watch

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Can You Learn Self-Defense from A Book or Video?

The absolute best way to learn self-defense is from personalized reality-based training with a qualified instructor.  What if one does not have the time or money to engage in  that type of training? Is it possible to learn effective self-defense from books and videos? Contrary to what you probably think, the answer is a definite

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What is the Best Weapon for Self-Defense?

As a marketer of less-than-lethal self-defense products I often get asked, “What is the best weapon for personal protection?” People who ask me this question are surprised when I don’t recommend one of my more expensive models of pepper sprays or stun guns. What about firearms? Most people would consider firearms to be the ultimate

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