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Personal Safety

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Personal SafetyPersonal safety is a very serious matter which should be considered from a holistic perspective to minimize vulnerability and maximize survival during life threatening situations.This means you must be both mentally and physically prepared to effectively defend yourself whenever necessary. After proper preparation, the use of the kind of technology featured on this site will enhance your personal safety.

Mental preparedness should be the foundation of your personal safety methodology. Utilizing mental awareness, alertness and intuition will enable you to secure your personal safety without having to engage in conflict. For example, by being observant you might notice potentially a threatening individual, group or an unsafe place and by simply avoiding dangerous people or places you eliminate the possibility of being attacked. In this manner personal safety is just matter of using common sense to avoid putting yourself in harms way. Conversely, allowing yourself to be distracted while out in public or venturing into high risk places under the false belief that bad things only happen to other people will make you an easy target for predators.

The ability to control fear is vitally important for securing your personal safety. In the event you find yourself in a violent confrontation being paralyzed by fear will put you at the mercy of your attacker. Controlling fear will enable you to focus effectively the things you must do survive.The follow books are excellent guides for cultivating the proper mental preparedness for personal safety:


Physical preparation for personal safety involves basic physical fitness and practicing self-defense tactics under realistic scenarios. The best way to engage in this kind of preparation would be to enroll in a reality based martial arts training program taught by a qualified instructor. If this is not possible, the next best alternative is to study self-defense instructional videos created by qualified instructors.

With the proper preparation, the personal safety products available on this site, such as pepper spray, stun guns, knives, kubotons, batons, tactical pens and personal alarms will be much more effective than they would be without such preparation.

Don’t let something like this happen to you:

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