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Stun Guns

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Discount Stun GunA stun gun is an electronic device that utilizes a high voltage and low amperage electric current to disable an attacker. When pressed against a body the pulsed electrical current released by a stun gun electrodes disrupts the biochemical electric signals that control muscle movement and thereby causes temporary paralysis which may last 10 minutes to an hour. Stun Guns do not shoot projectiles and should not be confused with Tasers which fire electrically charged darts attached to wires. Early models of stun guns were designed with a handle that resembles a pistol grip which is the origin of the gun reference.

The voltages utilized by stun guns range from tens of thousands volts to well over 1 million. Stun guns with higher voltages are more effective for subduing an attacker than lower voltage models. These voltages are not lethal because electrical current released by a stun guns is of low amperage. An easy way to understand this is to think of the voltage as the force at which electrical current is propelled and the amperage as the volume of the the current. The volume of electrons release by stun guns is so low that no damage is done to the body tissue. Conversely a shock from a 110 volt current through a wall outlet which has an amperage level 13,000 times higher than that of a stun gun can cause death.

Stun guns are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and configurations which may include emergency lights and/or alarms, specialized hand grips and telescoping batons to meet the needs and preferences of the user. Small models such as the Li’l Guy and Runt stun guns are portable, inconspicuous and can comfortably fit in a hand bag, purse or pocket and best for carrying on ones’ person. Larger sized models equipped with a flashlight or alarm are better for home or business use where concealment is not as important as it is in public areas.

A stun gun is a close quarter combat weapon. This means that the user has to be in close enough proximity to press the stun gun against attacker to release a debilitating charge. Concealment gives the user the opportunity to surprise and subdue an attacker. Many stun gun models are specifically designed to serve this purpose. Some models look and perform like common flashlights. The Pretender model looks like an ordinary cell phone. There are even stun guns that resemble a small lipstick dispenser which is an excellent option for women.

If the element of surprise is lost or not possible, all stun guns have a feature that displays a formidable and intimidating electrical arch between two electrodes accompanied by a distinctive electrical buzzing sound. This could be enough to deter and attacker and allow the user to escape to safety.

As with all matters of self-defense it is important to practice with stun guns. Familiarize yourself with its features and operating methods. Practice carrying it deploying it for use. Use an uncharged stun gun to practice various self-defense scenarios with a partner.

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