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Discount Hidden CamerasHidden cameras are designed to be undetected while recording activity and events. They are very powerful tools for obtaining video recordings of alleged criminal activity that can be used as evidence in a court of law to prove or disprove guilt. A hidden camera is like a witness that is far superior to a human witness because it records exactly what happens and it cannot forget or get confused as a human witness can. Due modern technology hidden camera components can be extremely small. This means that a functional hidden camera can be integrated into practically anything. This site features hidden cameras in common items such as a watch, radio, pen, lighter, mirror, clock, belt , tie, teddy bear, pendant, USB drive, sunglasses, smoke detector, flash light, coat hanger, electrical outlet, calculator, thermometer, coffee mug and many more! Typically hidden camera devices store images on a small magnetic disk located inside the unit. There a also models that can transmit images to a remote location via a wi-fi connection. This is particularly advantageous in the event that a hidden camera in detected and destroyed because the video recording can still be retrieved from the remote storage device.

Hidden Cameras: Everything You Need to Know About Covert Recording, Undercover Cameras and Secret Filming

Two important features to consider when purchasing a hidden camera are image resolution and recording capacity. High resolution video images are clear and crisp so subjects within them can be easily identified. High resolution hidden camera video can serve as excellent evidence in a court of law. Low resolution images that are blurry are far less useful. Similarly, it should be obvious that systems with high recording capacity are more advantageous than low capacity systems. A system that is unable to record an important event because of space limitation defeats the key purpose it is intended to serve. Another good feature to have is motion detection capability so the hidden camera can be configured to record only when a certain level of activity occurs. This will save recording space by preventing the recording of long periods of inactivity. Hidden cameras a highly affordable. There is a surveillance system to fit just about any budget  so there is no excuse not protect your home or business with a hidden camera. The video below contains a hidden camera video recording of a horrific attack during a home invasion. The attacker was eventually arrested and convicted due to the hidden camera recording.