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Spring Assisted Folding KnifeAny knife can be used as a formidable self-defense weapon if the defender has sufficient skills. Something as innocuous looking as our credit card sized knife/multi-tool can be deadly in the right hands.   Knives are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations which offer specific tactical advantages. The knives featured on the can be broadly categorized as follows:

Fixed Blade

During and attack the defender’s ability access his weapon and direct It to the attacker as quickly and efficiently as possible it critical. This can be readily accomplished with a fixed blade knife worn on the body for ease of access. There is no time wasted with having extract the knife from a pocket or unfold the blade. It is ready for action as soon as it is pulled.

Fixed blade knives are very durable as they have no moving parts that can wear with time and possibly break. Well-crafted fixed blade knives are practically indestructible and therefore are very versatile as utility tools in applications such as camping, processing game/food and wood crafting.

Folding knives

Folding knives are designed for ease of carry. They can be conveniently placed in pant for purse pocket. With a generally much smaller profile than a fixed blade knife they are more practical for and urban for social setting in which the wearer would prefer that his knife be inconspicuous.

In a self-defense situation the drawback of the folding knife if the time it may take to extract the knife and unfold the blade. For this reason, many folding knives are available with a spring mechanism that assists in unfolding the blade with allows for the knife to be deployed with one hand.

Due to their mechanical component they are not as durable as fixed blade knives and will require more maintenance over time.

Disguised Knives:

These knives are camouflaged to resemble ordinary objects such as pen, comb, and credit card just to name a few examples. The can practically be carried anywhere with the exception of high security facilities where x-ray scanners are used. They afford a defender with stealth and the ultimate element of surprise when properly deployed in a self-defense scenario.

Throwing Knives:

A skilled knife thrower can disable an attacker from a distance and thereby avoid a high risk close combat encounter. Knife throwing is a skill that will require many weeks of practice to develop proficiency. Throwing knives are small in size and balanced aerodynamic efficiency.

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