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Woman Defeats Rapist In Amazing Act Of Self-Defense

Rape Self-Defense

The shocking video segment below shows an encounter between a woman and a disgusting predatory biped. The woman  successfully defended herself from a rape attempt. The harrowing incident occurred on sidewalk in Brooklyn New York.  I’ll analyze the actions of both the attacker and the victim to reinforce principles discussed in my previous blog articles.

I think the woman was returning home from a social event very early in the morning and walking through a deserted area. The would-be rapist probably stalked her for some time prior to launching his attack. The video shows that the victim was totally oblivious to the danger that befell her.

Rape Self-Defense
Victim Fails to Notice Threat Behind Her

Lesson 1: The attacker took advantage of the fact that the victim was not situationally aware. She made herself easy to target. A deserted Brooklyn street in the  darkness of early morning hours  is a glaring red alert danger zone that should have been avoided. 

Rape Self-Defense
Victim Caught Totally Off Gaurd

Lesson 2: Predators prefer to strike with the element of surprise in their favor.  It greatly increases the likely hood of success.  Many predators will  not attack if they lose the element of surprise.

The attacker sneaked up behind the woman and lifted her dress up while trying to pull her panties down. She was caught completely by surprise.  If she had simply noticed him before, the  element of surprise would have been removed.   Also, she would have had the opportunity to take preemptive measures such as changing direction to a safer area, yelling for help or readying a weapon if she had one. 

Rape Self-Defense
Victim Highly Vulnerable Here

Lesson 3: The effectiveness defense weapons is tremendously reduced if not eliminated when the defender is caught off guard.  If the victim had a stun gun, pepper spray, knife, baton or even a firearm, chances are that it would have been to no avail.  She was caught off guard and  did not have the chance to deploy a weapon.   She would have been in an uphill battle to access a weapon, let alone use it successfully. Furthermore, there is even a strong possibility that any weapon she had would have been taken away and possibly used against her.

If you decide to carry as weapon for self-defense you must be well rehearsed in accessing and using it . It should be ready for deployment well before an attack occurs.  You secure the time needed to deploy your weapon by being situationally aware!

Rape Self-Defense
Victim Recovers and Delivers Powerful Kicks

Lesson 4: The mind and body is the ultimate weapon.  The woman’s mental fortitude and instinct enabled her to harness the strength of her body to defeat the attacker.

She  dropped to the ground to cover herself after her dress was lifted.  She struggled with the attacker and absorbed a few strikes from him. Then she instinctively maneuvered her strongest weapons to defensive position – her legs! She was to deliver powerful kicks. The attacker lost control and ran off into the night.

Woman Squat Lifting

The average man is 70 to 90 percent stronger than the average woman in the upper body area. The disparity in leg strength between the sexes is much lower with men only being 35 percent stronger on average. So, the woman made an excellent tactical decision to use her legs!

She was a fighter! She was determined not to be a rape victim and her determination manifested into physical action! Many other woman would have be paralyzed by fear and that is what the attacker was expecting. Predators prefer to target easy prey that is weak and vulnerable.  Ultimately, the woman made herself into a difficult target. That is what saved her. I hope she never places herself in such a perilous situation again. Additionally, I hope that you prepare yourself for the unexpected.

Practice situational awareness daily.  Learn effective reality-based self-defense skills that can be quickly mastered in a short time.  Take advantage of the self-defense tools sold here at HighTechSelfDefense.com. Ideally, you should learn how to use multiple tools for various self-defense scenarios. I recommend that you start off with one of our potent pepper sprays. We’re here to help you make self-defense an integral part of your life style!

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