Month: October 2020


N.Y.C. Slashing “Attack” Was Self-Defense?

Whoa! Slashing attacks in N.Y.C. seem to be spreading faster than , *ahem*, “Covid-19”! This particular incident occurred 2 years ago. However, I  decided to discuss it because it has an interesting twist! The accused attacker, Shakema Young, may have been a self-defender who’s poor tactical judgement resulted in a deluge of legal problems. Watch …

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We have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel for our site upgrade. We are on a new and dynamic platform that will create a richer experience for our visitors and customers. The featured image on this post shows the how the site used to look on the old platform. It served … Upgrade Complete Read More »

Can You Learn Self-Defense from A Book or Video?

The absolute best way to learn self-defense is from personalized reality-based training with a qualified instructor.  What if one does not have the time or money to engage in  that type of training? Is it possible to learn effective self-defense from books and videos? Contrary to what you probably think, the answer is a definite …

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What is the Best Weapon for Self-Defense?

As a marketer of less-than-lethal self-defense products I often get asked, “What is the best weapon for personal protection?” People who ask me this question are surprised when I don’t recommend one of my more expensive models of pepper sprays or stun guns. What about firearms? Most people would consider firearms to be the ultimate …

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