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HighTechSelfDefense.com Overview

HighTechSelfDefense.com is an excellent resource for anyone serious about their self-defense and security needs. An increase in crime, in particular violent crime, is an inevitable result of the social and economic turmoil prevalent in our nation today. The general public is poorly educated with regard to basic self-defense skills , weapons and tactics. This fact can be easily be verified by performing a simple search on any of the popular video-based social networks using any keyword term related to violent crime. Such a a search will yield a seemly endless list of violent criminal acts captured by hidden cameras and video surveillance systems throughout the nation.

Although I have over 25 years of experience in formal martial arts, I understand there is an urgent need for practical and effective self-defense skills that can mastered by members of the general public without the time and expense associated with formal martial arts training. HighTechSelfDefense.com was created to help fulfill that need.

The High Tech Self-Defense web site offers a free self-defense products newsletter, articles and promotes high quality self-defense training videos  designed by renowned reality-based self-defense experts to quickly empower anyone with the ability to successfully defend against any attacker in any situation.  In addition, the website offers pepper sprays, stun guns, safety devices and a variety of safety products for the home, automobile and workplace.

Anyone serious about self-defense should  subscribe to the High Tech Self-Defense newsletter  to gain knowledge about practical and effective reality-based self-defense information as well as exclusive discount offers on all products featured on the site.

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